Karen Lanza is a Norwegian/French women knit designer based in London.

Her Graduate Collection is based on the blue hour, a time in the morning and evening during winter in Norway. Different shades of blue create a calming backdrop to the bold, rugged mountains and fjords. This collection captures this juxtaposition through texture, fabric and form. Cherishing traditional craft such as felting, knitwear, and inspiration from the Norwegian national suit, this collection catches the beauty of the Norwegian history.


Email: kbjlanza@gmail.com

Instagram: @josielanza

With thanks to:

Photographer: Simon Serigstad

Graphic Design: Emma Young & Fr√łydis Hanssen-Bauer

Model: Bronte Epsom

Make up artist: Lauren Vinall-Morgan Yarn


Viking Garn (Norway)

Rauma Ull (Norway)

Lineapiu (Italy)